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The Fast409A process
No founder wants to spend precious time getting a 409A valuation done, but before you can safely grant stock options to employees you must have an up-to-date, 3rd party valuation.
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Create your cap table
Your startup’s cap table typically lives in a spreadsheet or a dedicated cap table tool and contains details of equity ownership, dates, and investment deal terms. To get started you can either import your existing cap table or start from scratch and build your table using our easy, full-featured online tool.
What you need
Import an existing table
Your company cap table in Excel or Carta document format
Build a new table
Your startup equity info, founder grants, convertible notes, etc.
Use your account
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10 - 20 min Import
Your company cap table in Excel or Carta document format
10 min - 2 hours Build
Your startup equity info, founder grants, convertible notes, etc.
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Complete your questionnaire
In addition to your cap table info, you will need to supply a set of specific company information. To make this easy we provide a short(ish) questionnaire form where you can fill in the details and upload a few standard docs.
What you need
Basic company and business information.
Details of past and current fundraising activity /
Company financials
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income statement
  • Articles of Incorporation
10 min - 2 hours
Depending on startup stage and complexity
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Submit to Solium
Once your cap table and company information are complete they are ready to send to Solium to kick off the valuation process. After submission to Solium you will receive a receipt email and request for payment (discounts may be available to existing partner bank customers and preferred accelerators). Once the valuation process is under way, expect to receive your draft valuation report within a few days. After a review call with Solium to go over any remaining questions you will receive your final 409A valuation report within 1-2 days.
3 - 5 days
To receive your draft valuation after submission
30 min phone call
To review your draft with a Solium analyst
1 - 2 days
To finalize your valuation
Get your 409A done right and get back to working on your startup.
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