The fast, easy way to get a 409A valuation
Fast409A is a painless, time-efficient service provided in partnership with Silicon Valley Bank.
Get your 409A valuation done right and get back to working on your startup.
100% online, 100% self-paced process.
Complete Cap Table
Use our online tool to build or import your cap table.
10 mins - 1 hour
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Complete Questionnaire
Add basic company, business and funding information.
10 - 30 mins
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Receive your draft valuation,
review and finalize with an expert.
5 business days or less
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Fast409A has partnered with Silicon Valley Bank
As the market leaders in innovation economy valuations, SVB Analytics has performed more than 9000+ valuations for emerging, high-growth technology companies.
Years of experience
10 +
Valuations done
9000 +
75 +
Our team of 25 valuation experts has deep industry and domain expertise.
Every valuation reviewed and finalized via phone conversation with SVB.
Startup DNA
SVB specializes in emerging high-growth, venture-funded companies.
SVB can meet your future valuation needs, from seed stage to M&A or IPO.
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Get your 409A done right and get back to working on your startup.
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